This guide will explain how to set up and manage budget warnings in Clocktimizer. Everything related to budget warnings can be found through the bell icon across Clocktimizer. 

Where can I find it in Clocktimizer & what does it do?


This one can be found in the header of Clocktimizer. It shows you notifications on the budget limits exceeded.


This one can be found in a budget. Click on it to set up budget warnings if certain thresholds are reached or out of scope work is detected.


This one can be found in a budget as well. It means you or someone else set up budget warnings for the budget you have opened.



This one can be found by going into the budget section of Clocktimizer. It allows you to see all the budget warnings currently set up.



How can I set up budget warnings? 

When you have created a budget in Clocktimizer, you can set up several notifications and warnings to yourself and other people working on the matters. This decreases write-offs and makes it easier to provide transparency for clients on the bill. Typically, we see threshold warnings of 25, 50, 75 and 100%. Additionally, many of our customers like to receive warnings when out of scope work is detected. Clocktimizer will send these notifications automatically to all the recipients.

How do I track my budget warnings? 

You might notice that you are receiving budget alerts for budgets you are no longer working on, or simply wish to check which budgets you are receiving warnings for. Simply go to the budget section of Clocktimizer, and click on “View Warnings” (in green below). There you will be able to see information on budget warnings, which budget warnings are set up for which user, and reset them if you wish.