This guide explains how to bulk edit budget entries. 

To learn more about creating budgets, please visit these quick guides: 

Step 1: Go to the budget and enable bulk edit feature: 

Step 2: Once the bulk edit option is enabled, select the subcategories to bulk edit: 

Note: When a budget is set to auto calculate totals, you can currently bulk edit subcategories only. By default, Clocktimizer budgets have "Calculate totals" feature enabled. To bulk edit categories, disable the feature in the budget settings:  

Step 3: Navigate to bulk edit settings: 

Step 4: Select a bulk edit action to be applied to the selected subcategories. In this example we will use a set value as an example:

Step 5: Click next to preview the summary of all the changes to the budget. Press save to confirm the changes:

Step 6: Clocktimizer adds the set value to each selected subcategory and calculates total values per category and the entire budget: