Each firm’s definition of knowledge management will be different. It will depend on how your firm manages information and your strategy for sharing that information internally and externally. However, at its core, all knowledge management has a set of overlapping aims. This is to ensure that information, once generated, is captured, organized, stored and shared in a timely fashion and to the right audience. Information itself can be used as a sales tool to bring new clients on board, or even to identify efficiencies internally.

In Clocktimizer you can create a dashboard to be tailored to the user logged in to help you ensure that valuable data doesn’t fall through the cracks. 

How to create a dynamic dashboard

Step 1: The first step is to ensure that the account of each user that needs to see a dynamic dashboard tailored to their own data has a "linked employee" set up in the account settings. A linked employee is a timekeeper the account will be associated with. 

Go to Admin and click Search

Step 2: After selecting an account, scroll down to the "Edit account" section and link a timekeeper to the account and Save Changes:

Add a linked employee to the accounts of all users that need to see a dynamic dashboard:

Once you are linked to a timekeeper, you can start creating dynamic reports in Drilldown. 

Step 3: Go to Drilldown and create a report you want to have tailored to a user logged in. For example, you can create a Narrative quality and specificity reports

Step 4: When you have created a narrative quality report, add the "Logged in employee" as a timekeeper, which in this case is Katrina Bennet.  

Step 5: Once you apply the filter, the doughnut chart displays the narrative quality report tailored to Katrina: 

Step 6: Save the report 

To display the tailored Narrative Quality report on all Regular User Role dashboards (or for example "Attorney" Role) you will need to create a new dashboard, but first, you need to check if there are any personal (account) dashboards already in use. 

You can find instructions on how to create your own dashboard here

Account dashboards take priority over other types of dashboards. Therefore you will need to remove existing account dashboards to launch a tailored dashboard across the selected group of users. 

Step 7: Go to Admin and review currently set up dashboards in the Dashboard list: 

To create a tailored dashboard for "Jolita Regular User" and "Jolita Power User" for example, you need to delete their accounts dashboards first: 


Step 8: Click on "Create dashboard" 

Step 9: Select the type of Dashboard you want to create. A Role-based dashboard will be applied to all accounts assigned to the Role: 

Alternatively, you can also create a dashboard for a specific role via Role settings. 

An Install dashboard will enable the customized dashboard to all Clocktimizer users that do not have an account level dashboard setup. 

Step 10: To create an install dashboard, go to Admin and select "Edit install dashboard" 

Step 11: Add any reports you created using "Linked employee" and the dashboard will display only the portion of the work associated with the linked timekeeper.

Power User dashboard - linked to Katrina: 

Regular User - linked to Sally:

If the dashboard is related to a practice group or office for example, then the data will reflect the practice group or office the timekeeper is in.