Tracking non-billable activities is vital to managing expenses, identifying opportunities for development and managing client relationships. Certain clients have non-billable activities, while for other activities, certain fee rates are agreed upon. Clients are likely to reject your bills if these rules are not complied with. Non-compliance will harm the client-relationship and may result in delayed payment and higher write-offs. 

You can set up recurring reports in Clocktimizer to proactively receive information detailing which time entries might get rejected.

How to create a non-billable activities report? 

Step 1: Go to the Drilldown in the menu bar;

Step 2: Select Activity as a Selection filter, then search for and choose the non-billable activities you would like to create a report on, for example Travelling, Travel Expenses or Internal Meetings:

Step 3: Scroll down to Visualisation and select Timecards under Lists: 

Clocktimizer generates a list of all the timecards with the non-billable activities you have selected:

Step 4: To generate a list of non-billable activities by Client, Practice group, Office or another metric, select Expanded under Lists: 


Step 5: Click Compare and select the second layer of data to be added to the list: 

Clocktimizer generates a list of non-billable activities and Clients associated with them: 


How to search for non-billable terms?

To create a report on non-billable terms that are not in the list of Clocktimizer activities, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to drilldown and select Search narratives in Selection: 

Step 2: Type in a word that you know might be rejected by a client or billing system and click Apply. Let's use "travelling" in this example. Clocktimizer displays the total value of the narratives containing the word "travelling": 

Step 3: Scroll down, click Visualisation and select Expanded under Lists:

Step 4: Click on Compare and select a type of data you want Clocktimizer to add as the second layer, for example, Practice group:


Clocktimizer generates a list of practice groups that recorded "travelling" in their narratives:

Saving reports in Clocktimizer

Step 1: To save any reports created in the Drilldown click Save as new report: 

Step 2: Name the report and save it: 

Step 3: To send out or receive report updates, click the envelope button to set up the reoccurrence of the report. 

Note that you do not need to save the report in Clocktimizer in order to send a recurring report via email, these options are independent of each other: 

Step 4: Clocktimizer saves all newly created and recurring reports in the Reports section: