Time keeper titles, grades and levels can differ per firm. Power users and/or Admins can group time keeper titles to levels in Clocktimizer. This guide explains how. It is best practice to set the title to level grouping when you get started with Clocktimizer. Level groups can be customized while already in use, but when groups are deleted or merged, this has effect on existing budgets in which this deleted or merged group is in use. 

Step 1. In Clocktimizer, go to Admin

Step 2. In the box Install, click on Title to Level Grouping

Step 3. Clocktimizer groups some time keeper titles by default. You see them on the left in each group. On the right you see the ungrouped titles

Step 4. Drag and drop the titles from the right side of the page in one of the existing groups on the left, or create a new group by dragging it into the top bar on the left that states 'Create new group'

Step 5. After you have grouped the titles, scroll down and Save

The time keepers' titles are now displayed in the groups you have created.