What is Manual Categorization?

The Clocktimizer algorithm goes through time entries and categorizes activities in each time entry. With the manual categorization, you can change the activities in each time entry. 

Example: The narrative Due Diligence and reviewing documents would be categorized as the activity Due Diligence. If this should be the activity Vendor Due Diligence, you can use the manual categorization to recategorize this entry as Vendor Due Diligence. This specific entry will be categorized as Vendor Due Diligence in the entire Clocktimizer application. 

How to use the Manual Categorization

Step 1: Go to the Drilldown and partition by activity

Step 2: Open the Selection and filter out a particular practice group, timekeeper level, client or matter. In the example below, the practice group Litigation is filtered

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Visualization. Select the Time Cards view under Lists

Step 4: Clocktimizer shows all the time cards and activities. You can see the Clocktimizer activities in the activity tag in the time entry itself and/or by clicking on the button Categorization

Step 5: To manually categorize a time entry to another activity, click on Categorization and a pop-up opens (see screenshot under Step 6)

Step 6: Remove the current activity. In the example below, Due Diligence is the Clocktimizer identified activity and Vendor Due Diligence is the activity I want to manually categorize

Step 7: Search for the activity you want to categorize in this entry by typing in the activity. Clocktimizer generates activities; select the right one from the list. In the screenshot below, I am selecting Vendor Due Diligence

Step 8: Click on Update and the entry is updated in all of Clocktimizer's features. You can recognize manually categorized entries by the people icon in the Categorization button and in the activity tag in the time entry.


1. After I have manually categorized a time entry, will Clocktimizer pick this up for all similar time entries?

No, the manual categorization is on the time entry level which means it applies for that particular time entry you have manually categorized. 

2. Are the manually categorized time entries visible as such in all of Clocktimizer's features or only the drilldown?

The manually categorized time entries are visible in all of Clocktimizer's features. 

3. I have manually categorized entries, but I want to see the Clocktimizer categorization as well. Is this possible?

Yes, go to the Drilldown and open the partitioning panel. Under Activity, click on Original Categorization and you will see Clocktimizer's original categorization. 

4. Are the manually categorized activities shared with other Clocktimizer firms?

No, if you manually categorize entries to other activities, this will only apply to your firm i.e. this stays within your firm's Clocktimizer.