This guide explains how to create a budget from scratch. If you would like to read about creating a budget through the Fee Comparison please see this guide

Step 1: Click Budgets in the left menu, then click the "Create a new budget" button in the top right;

Step 2: Enter a name for the budget and add a matter if you want to attach it (leave this blank if you don't want to attach it to a matter). Select a category from the list. The category is the first variable for your budget. Add a subcategory; this is the second variable for your budget, and select the value type.

In the example below, we are tracking hours (value type) for each activity (subcategory) per timekeeper level (category)

Step 3: You can now start building your budget. To edit the budgeted values click the pencil icon. By default, you can edit the values at the subcategory level (marked yellow) or, in lieu of subcategories, at the category level (marked red). Changes in these values will affect the total budget value (marked blue). If you would like the option to adjust the total budget amount separately from the (total value of the) categories, click the wrench/spanner icon and uncheck the box that says "Calculate totals";

Step 4: After attaching a matter, Clocktimizer will track all categories against the actual values. Categories without a budget will appear as out of scope. To add it to the scope, click the pencil icon and add a budget to it;

Step 5: To see any other budgets assigned to this matter, click on Other budgets. You will see all budgets assigned to this matter and the status;

Step 6:  Click on the bell sign to set up budget warnings. There are three types of progress based warnings: a warning for the total budget, a warning for any category's budget and a warning for any subcategory's budget. You can set any percentage budget by typing it into the box. You can also receive notifications when something is tracked that is out of scope. Warnings can only be sent to people who have a user account in Clocktimizer;

Step 7: To download the budget data to Excel, click on the Share button. You can also copy and share the URL to any other Clocktimizer user;

Step 8: To view all budget warnings click back to the Budget overview by clicking "Budgets" in the left menu, then clicking "View warnings";

Step 9: From here you can view the budget warning overview. Enabled warnings will show the number of warnings set and which category they belong to. To modify which warnings are active, what percentages are set and who the warnings being sent to, click the wrench/spanner on the right side.