Before connecting Clocktimizer to Legalsense, we recommend you create a user with the below permissions so you can use this login for the connection between Clocktimizer and Legalsense: 

To connect Clocktimizer to Legalsense, navigate to https://YOURFIRM' and complete the information requested (see below screenshot), using the Clocktimizer user you created beforehand.

In the first top field, fill in the firm's name. Submit the Clocktimizer user's Legalsense login credentials and click on Connect to Legalsense (see below):

Clocktimizer will then send an activation email to the specified email address to verify its correctness:

The activation email contains a clickable link. Once the email address has been verified, you can sync Clocktimizer with the Legalsense data. You will be automatically redirected to the link below after clicking the email verification link. 

If you accidentally close the window or want to follow the link later, use the following link:

You will see the same screen as the one in the first step (see screenshot below) and you can repeat the steps:

If the connection is successful, Clocktimizer will start importing timecard data and you will see the below window: 

This operation can take up to a few hours depending on the size of the data. You can leave the page, the sync will continue in the background. You will receive an email when synchronization is complete.