If disbursements have been enabled in your environment, but are not showing up in Clocktimizer, there could be a few causes. They will be discussed here, and if you have covered all options and disbursements are still not visible, then please contact Clocktimizer support.


Please be aware, that disbursements will be available to your firm in the next software release after they have been requested. We need time to enable them for your firm.

Once the version containing your disbursement configuration has been released. It must be installed and a full import must run before they are visible

Full import

Be aware that disbursements will not show up until a full import has run. This usually occurs over the weekend, but can be forced via the Admin->Database Extract menu.

It could also be an error is occurring during import. You can see this at the top of the Admin->Database Extract page. If this is the case, please contact support with application logs.

Autodetect Metadata

In some edge cases, the metadata for disbursements is not read after a full import. If a full import has run, and you are not seeing any disbursements. Please head to the admin page and run the following task. Wait 10 minutes and then check back to see if they are visible.


If all of the above steps have been checked. Then there may be a mistake in your import.config. Please navigate to Admin->Database Extract. Click on the following link:

In this page, please search the document and look for a section labelled disbursements. If it is not present. please contact Clocktimizer support.