There are a couple of different ways to create an activity group in Clocktimizer, which can be used across the platform. To group activities the classic way, see a previous guide. This guide will describe how to build an activity group by importing an Excel file. 

1. Where to start

Depending on what type of activity group you're building and how you plan to use this, your partitioning and filtering options will be different. The most common example would be to build an activity grouping wherein activities fall under the Task code that they've been assigned. For this example, the steps will be outlined below. 

2. How to create an activity group from the expanded visualization

  1. Head to the Drilldown,
  2. In "Partition by" choose "Task", 
  3. In the "Filters" section apply any relevant filters, (for example, you may want to filter on a specific group of matters, practice group, or limit your data to just the last year),
  4. Next, scroll down to the Visualization button, and choose "Expanded" from the dropdown menu,
  5. Click the "Compare" button near the top right of the table,
  6. Choose "Activity" from the dropdown menu

3. Download an excel file of the drilldown visualization

To do this, select the download button and click the Excel option. 

4. Edit the expanded list tab of the excel file

Edit down the tab to only the task, activity, and hours columns. You do not have to delete any columns from the Excel, but if you want to edit it down, make sure to keep Task/ Activity/ Hours columns in the file. You can update the Task names to ones of your choosing and can move the activities but you cannot rename them to any activities other than the ones that exist within Clocktimizer. Once edited down your file should look like this:

You may now save the file and close it. 

Head to the Admin section from the side menu and from Customization choose the Activity group option.

Select the Import Expanded List button


Select the upload option then find or drag the file to upload. 

Once uploaded you will see the activity groupings based on your upload.

You may continue to customize your activity grouping by updating grouping names or moving activities between groupings. You may also add other matters to have more activities available and use the autogroup functionality. 

5. Other partitions

Any options in the "Partition By" section can be used to create an activity group from the expanded visualization (except for other activity groups). The value selected in the "Partition By" section will become the titles for the various groups in the activity group (so if you choose "Level (time keeper)" your groups will have a time keeper level, with activities grouped underneath). Please note, in order for this to function, you need to select "Activity" from the Compare menu.