If a recurring report has been scheduled in Clocktimizer but has not been received by the end recipient try the following steps to resolve the issue. 

Step 1. Users should check their spam or junk folders to make sure the email was not redirected there. If it was, please have them save noreply@clocktimizer.com to their safe senders list. 

Step 2. Check the settings of the Scheduled Report. Was the correct time and recipient chosen? Was the correct data range chosen? If yes, proceed to step three. If no, update to the correct information and save the changes. 

Step 3. Check the email logs in “Admin” from Clocktimizer to confirm the email was sent. If the logs show it as sent please reach out to Clocktimizer support or your Customer Success Manager. 

Step 4. It is also recommended to have the system administrator whitelist @clocktimizer.com accounts and confirm if the email was received on the internal email server.