Finding out at the time of billing that any amount of time cards have been rejected automatically by an e-billing system is never fun. Ideally project managers want to be able to proactively tackle these time cards before attempting to submit them to an e-billing system. Through the Drilldown, users can define forbidden or prohibited words to review and set up proactive reporting.  


How to view time cards including these terms:

  • Head to the Drilldown, 

  • In the "Filters" section, choose "Matter" and filter by a specific matter you are tracking (alternatively, you can choose "Client" and track narratives for all matters linked to a specific client),

  • Click "Add filters" again (scroll to the bottom of the dropdown list) and choose "Search narratives", 

  • Input terms you know will be rejected, such as "working on matter", "miscellaneous", "internal meetings", "analysis", "review file", "conference", "attention to matter", "worked on discovery", "work on file", "prepare for meeting", "mics.", "other" or any other terms defined in the OCG (outside counsel guidelines). 

    • Input each term in its own box, as per below:

  • Press "Apply",

  • Scroll down to "Visualization" and choose "Timecards"

You will now see a list of all time cards containing any of the terms you applied in the filter for "Search narratives". 


How to set up proactive reporting:

  • After following the steps above, click on the envelope icon, 

  • Give this email a relevant subject line, 

  • Next to "Data period" choose "Select data period"

  • Choose the amount of data you want to be included (for example, if you want to receive this report weekly, you may want to set this to use the last 7 days of data)

  • Add yourself, or other Clocktimizer users to the "Send to",

  • Set the "Repeats" section to how often you want to receive this update (for example, if you want a weekly report, choose "Weekly"). 

  • Fill in the rest of the details as you see fit, and press "Save".

You, and/or other users you specified, will now receive an email report showing all time cards that include any of the prohibited terms you specified. 


Please note: in the event that there are no new time cards recorded within the period of data you have selected, the report will not send. So if you don't see the report in your inbox, that means no new time cards have been found with the selected criteria.