Creating activity groups from scratch can be a little intimidating, but if you already have one or more matters coded in the correct way, or coded to the specifications of a client request, you can easily turn this into an activity group for future use within reporting and budgeting. This can be done using the expanded visualization in the drilldown, more information on that function here

For example, does a specific client require all matter tracking to be done within pre-defined phases, and have you already ensured that previous matters with this client are coded correctly? This information can be leveraged in Clocktimizer into an activity group. From then on, you can build budgets, reports, and matter tracking that is displayed in those exact phases.

How to do this:

  • Head to the Drilldown, 
  • Partition by the code type (Phase, Task, Action, etc.) that you wish to use as the group names,
  • Filter by a matter you know is properly coded (and remove all other filters), *
  • Under "Visualization" choose "Expanded"
  • Ensure that "Activity" is selected by clicking the "Compare" button,
  • Now click "Create activity group" 
  • Viola! All the activities for this matter have now been automatically grouped under the correct codes.
  • For an added level of tracking, you can tick the box next to "Place ungrouped activities into 'Other'", which will place any current, or future, ungrouped activities into their own group called "Other", this makes it easier to notice when new activities are taking place.

* The more matters you include here the more accurate the activity group will be going forward.