Our algorithm has a few levels of customization, one of which is the option to exclude certain activities from being classified within your data set. Activity exclusion is often used in combination with LBAM (Look Back Adjacency Matching)

How to exclude

Activities can be excluded on a few different levels or excluded entirely, exclusion can be specifically limited to:

  • within a specific client, 
  • within a specific matter practice group,
  • within a specific matter office, and
  • within a specific matter type.

For example: We can exclude the activity "Brief" from the Litigation practice group. 

Excluded activities

Excluding activities means they won't be applied when the algorithm would normally apply them. When a time card has more than one activity of which one has been excluded, the time will be redistributed across the other activities. If a time card only has one (good) activity which has been excluded the algorithm will look for any vague activities that match. If nothing is found the time card it will be considered uncategorizable. 

Activity exclusions will be for all users at your firm, in other words, the exclusions are not personalized to the user.

How and when
If you have a list of activities you would like to exclude, please reach out to your customer success manager (or support@clocktimizer.com if you're not sure who to contact) with the list. Activity exclusions will be part of the standard Clocktimizer release schedule.