In Clocktimizer you can use free text functionality to search for any words and phrases that do not necessarily have to be categorized as an activity but are equally important to data analytics, i.e. Brexit, COVID.

By utilising the broad selection of visualizations in the Drilldown section of Clocktimizer, you can then analyze the data and schedule recurring reports. 

Step 1:  Navigate to the "Drilldown" on the left-hand side menu and first, partition data by matter:

Step 2: In the selection box set a period of time you are analyzing:

Step 3: Add selection filter "Search narratives" to search for narratives containing the terms required for the analysis and click apply. A good example would be "TRIP", which is not an activity in Clocktimizer because it can either mean: Travelling or TRIPs (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights).

Clocktimizer displays the total hours related to the searched term:

Step 4: To group the matters for future reference, navigate to the visualization menu and select Matters' view. For a more detailed guide on how to group matters click here.

Step 5: To identify the timekeepers that worked on these matters, select the Expanded visualization and Compare by timekeeper:  

Step 6: To track development over the selected period of time, use one of the development charts, for example, the Bubble graph.

The Bubble graph displays the activities and their weight for the selected matters during the period analysed: 

Step 7: To send out or receive report updates, click the envelope button to set up the reoccurrence of the report. 

Note that you do not need to save the report in Clocktimizer in order to send a recurring report via email, these options are independent of each other: 

Step 8: Clocktimizer saves all newly created and recurring reports in the Reports section: