Often clients don’t realise the range of services a firm offers and firms miss out on a possibility. Build a cross-selling report to establish which department is under utilised by the client and gain additional value from an existing client relationship.

Additionally, you can use the Social Graph to identify individuals central to client relationships in order to strengthen cross-selling opportunities.

Which practice groups work with a client?

Step 1: Go to the Drilldown in the menu bar; 

Step 2: Partition by Client:

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Visualization;

Step 4: Click on Visualization and select Comparison under Lists:

Clocktimizer breaks down the work done for a client by practice group, represented by the coloured bar and # column. For example, in the chart below we can see that for our client "Dorien's Inventions" we only have one practice group working on this client. Hovering over the coloured bar will show you which practice group has worked on this client:

This allows users focused on business development and client value to identify areas in which your firm is under-serving your client.

If you need any help with creating this report please reach out to your customer success manager to walk through it together. 

Saving reports in Clocktimizer

Step 1: To save any reports created in the Drilldown click Save as new report: 

Step 2: Create report name and save it: 

Step 3: To send out or receive report updates, click the envelope button to set up reoccurrence of the report: 

Step 4: Clocktimizer saves all newly created and recurring reports in the Reports section: