If you wish to clear the database of your Clocktimizer environment, you might want to back up your reports (recurring and just the ones created) first. After the database is cleared, you will be able to restore the reports you had backed up.

Step 1. Before ticking the Clear Database box, go to Admin > Data> Backup/Restore. Please, only tick the Reports and Recurring reports boxes (as in below screenshot):

Step 2. Download the backup (it will be an XML format) as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 3. Once you've cleared the database, you can go back to the same section ( Admin > Data> Backup/Restore). First, click on Choose File, choose the backup you downloaded (see screenshot below)

 Step 4. Click on Restore (as in the screenshot below):

Step 5. Your reports have now been restored.

Should you have any other questions, you can always contact our support by sending an email to support@clocktimizer.com.