A fixed date range can be set on a new budget or applied to an existing budget. Setting a fixed date range will always keep the budget on the specified range, regardless if you navigate away from the page or log off Clocktimizer. This is different than viewing the budget on a date range, which will only be applied until you leave the page. 

Fixed date range for a new budget

Step 1: Upon creation of a new budget (by clicking the "Create new budget" button) click the checkbox at the bottom of the screen that says "Set a fixed date range". 

Step 2: This will open a calendar in which you can choose a predetermined time frame (such as this year, this quarter or this month) or select a custom time frame by choosing a start (marked blue below) and end (marked red below) date in the calendar boxes. 

Step 3: Click on "Apply" and the fixed date range is set.

Fixed date range for an existing budget or a budget created through the Fee Comparison

A fixed date range can also be applied to an existing budget or a budget created through the Fee Comparison. 

Step 1: First, navigate to an existing budget. To add a fixed date range, click on the calendar icon "All". Marked blue in the screenshot below.  

Step 2: Select the timeframe you would like to set and tick the box "Save this period selection with the budget (fixed)". Click on "Apply" and your existing budget has a fixed date range.