There may be times where specific changes to the import specifications are required (e.g. updated field mapping, etc.). In the event that is required, Client will need to install a new import specification received from Clocktimizer. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to C:\Clocktimizer\Environment\<ENVIRONMENT>\Multitenant
  2. Make a backup of the 'Import-{client}.config' file there
  3. Copy the new import specifications file to this directory

Once that is done, perform a full import:

  1. Log into clocktimizer
  2. Go to the Admin->Data->Database Extract section
  3. Scroll down and press the 'Force full database import'
  4. You can then check the progress of the import under Admin->Logs->Log

Once the full import is done, the Metadata would need to be refreshed:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Install Details 
  2. Select AutoDetect Metadata.
  3. Verify the data