When Clocktimizer needs to display values from matters with multiple currencies, some form of currency conversion is needed. By default, Clocktimizer uses exchange rate information provided by OpenExchangeRates. More than 200 currencies are supported. Clocktimizer uses the monthly exchange rate provided by Open Exchange Rate. 

Please note that Clocktimizer can also use the exchange rateused by the practice management system, should that be available. If you would like us to do so, please provide us with the table structure and columns where the conversion information is stored.

If for some reason, the currency is not listed in Open Exchange Rates, Clocktimizer will receive a warning so it can investigate what to do with it. In the meantime, this missing currency value would be converted to the requested currency with a conversion rate of 1. If the e-mail setup of the users supports forwarding the warning to Clocktimizer, we will receive a notification. This warning is always sent from the Cloud-based environments. The clients using on Premise environments should check if the warning has been sent to Clocktimizer in the Logs, as the automatic report to Clocktimizer is not always set up.

The exchange rate used by Clocktimizer is the one from the transaction date of the time card. If we used the present rates, past reports would change based on current currency fluctuations.