This guide explains how to use the Fee Comparison to build a budget. If you would like to read about how to build a budget from scratch please see this guide

Step 1: First create a comparison of several matters in the fee comparison. For more information on the fee comparison, please see the quick guide on how to use the fee comparison

Step 2: Select the activities in the fee comparison overview that you want to include in the budget. 

Step 3: Click on the button 'Create budget'.

Step 4: Name your budget, select a currency (only applicable if you build a budget on monetary values, rather than hours) and select the value type. Click OK. 

Step 5: The results of the fee comparison are copied into an unattached budget. The values (marked red) are the averages from the fee comparison including averages per timekeeper level (marked blue).

Step 6: You can adjust the values by clicking the pencil icon. By default you can only adjust the values at the subcategory level, these values will be calculated up to the budget per category and to the total budget value. If you would like to edit the total budget value or category level value click the wrench/spanner icon on the right and uncheck the box that says "Calculate totals". 

Step 7: To attach the budget to a matter, click on Attach to Matter (under Unattached budget, see screenshot). Once you have selected the matter, Clocktimizer will immediately start tracking the budget to actuals. 

Step 8: To mark the budget as a template, click on the button Mark as template. Clocktimizer will save the budget as a template after which you can copy and use it for matters. Note that you can only mark unattached budgets as a template!

Tip: create budget templates from the fee comparison for each matter type!