Types of dashboards in Clocktimizer

There are three types of dashboards in Clocktimizer:

  • Install dashboard: see guide here
  • Role-based dashboard
  • Personal dashboard: see guide here

This guide explains how to create a role-based dashboard: users with a specific role will see this dashboard unless they have created a personal dashboard. Please note you need Admin rights in order to create a role-based dashboard. 

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" section in the left menu, click "Roles" in the "Accounts" box. 

Step 2: Choose the role you want to edit the dashboard for and click "Edit role dashboard".

Step 3: Adjust the dashboard as you normally would: see this guide for the instructions.

Step 4: Be sure to click Save before navigating away.

Step 5: Your role-based dashboard is now ready and all users with the specified role will see this when they log-in.

Create a dynamic role-based dashboard

Role-based dashboards can also be set up to reflect relevant information for the timekeeper that is logged in to Clocktimizer.

Step1: Link your own account and others by navigating to the "Admin" section in the left menu, click "Search" in the "Accounts" box. 

Step 2: After selecting an account, scroll down to the "Edit account" section, link a timekeeper to the account and Save Changes:

Step 3: You can now create dynamic reports in Drilldown. Be sure to filter on the linked employee in dynamic reports:


Step 4: Now you can follow the above steps (in the role-based dashboard guide) to set up the dashboard with your new dynamic report.

Please note personalized dashboards take precedence over the role-based dashboards, so you may need to remove those for all users to see the dashboard you've created.