Clocktimizer's dashboard

Clocktimizer has different types of default dashboards which can be personalized based on your needs and preferences.

This guide will explain how you can edit and personalize a dashboard for a specific role in Clocktimizer. This is the dashboard users with a specific role will see unless they change their personal dashboard.

Step 1: This step can only be done by a user with the Admin role. Navigate to the "Admin" section in the left menu, click "Roles" in the "Accounts" box. 

Step 2: Choose the role you want to edit the dashboard for and click "Edit role dashboard".

Step 3: Adjust the dashboard as you normally would: see this guide for the instructions.

Step 4: Be sure to click Save before navigating away.

Step 5: Your role based dashboard is now ready and all users with the specified role will see this when they log-in.