Exporting timecards is available for customers through the Drilldown by clicking on the download button. This data can be exported in CSV format.

You will see the below page. Untick Compress file, choose the Currency handling, the activity grouping to export if applicable and click on Export: 

You can follow the below steps to create an excel file out of a TXT/CSV file:

1. Open Excel and create a blank workbook
2. Go to the Data ribbon and click 'From TXT/CSV' (see below):

3. Select the .txt file that you created under 2. and renamed under
4. You will now get a screen that will mark numbers and dates in italics: 

5. If that is the case, click 'Load' to load the file:

6. Save the file as a new Excel file (.xlsx).

If you do not see this button, your account does not have the right permission. Please contact support@clocktimizer.com to get your account updated.