Clocktimizer's algorithm reads through your time card narratives and classifies the timecards based on the activities it has been trained to recognize. But what happens to time cards with spelling mistakes or abbreviations?

Clocktimizer can currently recognize common spelling errors, alternative spellings and abbreviations that it has been specifically instructed to. Some examples of this are:

"Conference calls re SPA"

Categorized: Shared Purchase Agreement

"Due dilligence"

Categorized: Due Diligence

"Reviewing Shareholder’s/Shareholders’/Shareholder Agreement"

Categorized "Shareholder Agreement"

If you see an improvement that can be applied to the entire algorithm e.g. an activity is missing, an acronym is not classified or a commonly used abbreviation is classified incorrectly, let us know by sending an email to: We will review your feedback and get back to you with updates.