Clocktimizer has an integration with the HighQ platform. This guide explains how to set up the integration so you can share Clocktimizer reports with your clients through the HighQ platform. 

How to set up basic integration? 

Step 1: Log into Clocktimizer and click "Admin" in the sidebar

Step 2: Select "Roles" under the "Accounts" header

Step 3: Click "Create role" in the upper right corner

Step 4: Name the role. Suggestion: No Permissions 

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes", you have just created a new role with no permissions

Step 6: Click "Admin" in the sidebar and under "Accounts" select "Create account"

Step 7: Fill in the information for the new account. Important: you must use a specific email address that is available to you in HighQ (something like (example) Select the "Role" you just created with no permissions

Step 8: Click "Create account". 


Now a basic integration has been set up. Anything sent to this address through Clocktimizer will be available within HighQ.

How to set up recurring report integration?

In the example below, we are setting up a Matter report but you can also send Clients, Budgets and Drilldown reports. 

Step 1: Click "Matters" in the menu bar
Step 2: Search for the matter you would like to share, click "Search", and choose the right one 

Step 3: In the matter analysis screen click the envelope at the top of your screen

Step 4: A popup will open where you can select how you would like to receive your reports 

Step 5: Under "Send to" click "Specific user accounts" and search for the HighQ account we created earlier

Step 6: Add any other relevant data and adjust the repetition of this report to your situation. 


The recurring report will be sent automatically to the HighQ address. Your client can view the report on the HighQ platform.