This guide will help you set up a recurring year to date (YTD) report that will automatically be sent to you each quarter, based on the information you select. Please note: references to quarters are of the calendar year, not the fiscal year.

How To:

Step 1: Go to ‘Drilldown’ in the menu bar

Step 2:  Select the data you would like to gather in the "Partition By..." section

Step 3: Open "Selection". Select "Current year" as the time frame for which you would like to . It will display all data of the current year to date

Step 4: Apply any filters that you would like in "Add selection filters..." and specify the items (for example, filter by Client and specify which clients you would like to include)

Step 5: Scroll down and click on the little envelope

Step 6: A popup opens where you can select how you would like to receive your reports. Here you can change the subject line, recipients, and message

Step 7: Set "Repeats" to "Quarterly every 1 quarter" and choose the start date as the first day after the current quarter (either April 1st, July 1st or October 1st). Click Save

Step 8: This brings you back to the data page. For the Q4 report change the "Current year" to the "Last year" (don't worry if this says the wrong year. This will update to the year in which you would like to receive the data before you receive the Q4 report)

Step 9: Click the mail icon again. Set "Repeats" to "Yearly every 1 year" and the start date to January 1st of the next year. Click Save


Now you and any specified users will receive a custom year to date (YTD) report each quarter. A guide for setting up general automated email notifications is available here