Step 1: Go to https://[yourdomain]

Click 'start'. You will see random time entries from your dataset, and Clocktimizer will ask you to tell it how well it has been classified.

Step 2: For each entry, you will see how Clocktimizer has categorized the entry and on the basis of which words. Please bear in mind, that there is a priority in the categorization, which skips generic terms such as 'drafting' or 'emailing' in favor of more specific terms. 

Step 3: Click 'Yes' if the categorization makes sense, or click 'No', if Clocktimizer misses a clearly described activity or if the algorithm completely misses the mark! After each classified entry, you will see that you made progress in the progress bar.

Step 4: After you have classified a number of entries, you wil see the current status of your classification results and get a sense of the accuracy of the categorization, according to your validation work!

You can abort any session and continue later. Clocktimizer will remember your input and scores!