This guide will help you customize a productivity report. 

How to create a productivity report

Clocktimizer has a report set up to track your employees’ productivity. You can customize this report here. 

How to customize the report

The pre-filled report is set up by month. If you want to adjust the time period, go to the selection and adjust the time period to the one you prefer. Click ‘Apply’ and the report will be adjusted to the time period. 

How to save the report

You can save the report by clicking ‘Save as new report’. The report will be saved and you can find it under Reports on the left menu bar. 

Recurring report 

To have the productivity report sent to your inbox, click on the envelope. 

A new window will open: 


Select the data period. For example, if you want the data updated every week, select ‘Use data from the last 1 week’. If you select ‘Weekly’, the report will be send to you every week with the productivity data from the last week.