In any list of narratives within Clocktimizer you will see either this:

or .

You will sometimes see a red button, but that should happen rarely. These buttons indicate the recognition of the narrative. Green means that Clocktimizer was able to recognize the narrative. Orange means that Clocktimizer understands what you wrote, but recognizes it as 'too vague', for instance 'several emails'. Red means that Clocktimizer could not recognize what the narrative was about. If you write 'various activities', you will get a red button.

If you click the button, the following pop-up opens: 

This box enables you to report back to Clocktimizer if a particular narrative should have been categorized or is incorrectly categorized. You can help improve Clocktimizer's recognition rate if you report narratives that are improperly recognized, or that should have been recognized, but are not. Clocktimizer can learn from your input, so please do not hesitate to report narratives.

The 'report this narrative' does not mean that a client or a partner receives an email about the particular time entry.