This guide will help you customize your matter analysis to get the most value out of it.

How to get there

Step 1: Go to 'Matters' in the menu bar;

Step 2: Find your matter by searching for name, number, client or activities; and

Step 3: Click the link of your matter to go to its page:

Step 4: Click the link to go your matter's analysis.

Use all options to customize your analysis

At the top of your screen you will see this bar with buttons:

You can select a period that you want to analyse, by clicking the calendar button.

Depending on your permissions and available data, you can select another value type to display in the analysis. You can also select to display hours only, instead of a monetary value.

If your system supports related matters, you can tick the boxes to include other related matters in the matter analysis. The analysis will show you the combined values of the selected matters.

If you have permissions, you can directly to the drilldown straight from the matter analysis by clicking this button:

You can set up recurring reports that will be delivered to your inbox, but a deeper understanding of how this works can be found here.

Apply filters for advanced customization and management

You can decide which data and visualizations you want to share in a PDF file.

For each visualization you will see the eye-icon in the right top of the visualization box. Click the icon:

and the visualization will have a black overlay and will be hidden from the PDF download. To unhide, click the eye-icon again.

Applying filters to the data will help you manage your matter. For instance, if you want to identify how the leverage on a particular type of work was, you can - in our example - click on the donut part (or the legend) that says 'Writ of Summons'. You will see the blue box in the left top stating that you have just applied a filter:
The analysis now zooms in on that type of work only, allowing you to identify whether your leverage and team involvement is still on track.

Share the analysis

After you have configured the matter analysis to your liking, You can share the link to the matter analysis with others that have access to Clocktimizer or you can download it as a PDF: