You can analyze a team's involvement in a matter, client, practice group or other variables. The Matter Analysis and Client Analysis are good reports to start with, but for a detailed financial overview use the Drilldown. 

This guide will explain how you can create a financial overview of all timekeepers involved so you can analyze involvement in terms of hours, value and types of work. 

In the example below, we will analyze a team's involvement for a client. To analyze involvement in a matter, practice group or something else, change the filter in step 2. 

Step 1: Go to the Drilldown and partition by Time Keeper;

Step 2: Open the Selection and click on Choose filter. Select Client and search for the client you want to run this analysis on;

Step 3: Select the client from the dropdown and click on Apply;

Step 4: Scroll down and click on Visualization;

Step 5: Select Expanded under Lists;

Clocktimizer generates a list by Timekeeper for your client. We will run through a few scenarios of analyzing your timekeepers' involvement in the following steps.

Step 6: Click on Display and select Hours, Recorded Value, Billed Value, Write Off and Recovery (or other financials you would like to look at);

Step 7: Click on Compare and select Activity; 

Step 8: Clocktimizer adds a second layer of data: the activities. Clocktimizer shows you per timekeeper the number of hours, recorded value, billed value, write off and recovery they spent on each activity for this client;

Step 9: If you want to see hours and values per timekeeper on a matter by matter basis for this client, simply change the activities to matters. Click on Compare and select Matter. Now Clocktimizer shows you per timekeeper the hours and values they spent on each matter for this client;

Step 10: By changing the variable under Compare, the second layer of data changes and you can analyze your team's involvement for any given variable;

Step 11: Want to export the expanded list? Click on Download and select either PDF or Excel and Clocktimizer will download the list.