This guide explains how to use the fee comparison to find similar matters, compare them, find costs of the type of work and create fee quotes. 

Step 1: Go to 'Fee comparison' in the menu bar; 

Step 2: In the field 'Search for a matter or activities', type in a name, client or type of work to select a reference matter; and 

Step 3: Select the reference matter from the dropdown. You can select multiple matters; 

Step 4: Optional: apply filters if necessary. Please note this will narrow down the identification of similar matters;

Step 5: Once you have selected the reference matter, similar matters appear. Select one or more similar matters and click on 'Add to reference matters';

Step 6: On the right, an overview of averages is generated based on the matters you selected. Compare the fees of the selected matters on an activity level:

Step 7: If you want to compare the fees by another variable, click on Activity and select a variable from the list:

Step 8: If you want to apply a percentage increase to reflect current rates, click on 'Today's rates' and you can enter a percentage. The values in the fee comparison will increase with the selected percentage. 

Want to copy the fee comparison into a budget? See the Quick Guide on Budgets in our support portal.